Student And Youth Welfare Association


Youth as a significant group in the World!

•The World population is the total
sum of all humans on the earth.

•The number of youth between the
ages of 15 and 24 is 1.1 billion.
youth constitute 18 percent of the
global population.

• Youth and children together,
including all those aged 24 years
and younger, account for nearly 40
percent of the world’s population.

•Geographically speaking,
Approximately 60 percent of youth
live in Asia; 15 percent, in Africa; 10
percent, in Latin America and the
Caribbean; and the remaining 15
percent, in developed countries and

Our Focus:

Not a time of life but a state of Mind, a temper of will, a quality of imagination,
a predominance of courage
over timidity of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.
The organization teaches yoga and meditation method programs in many states of India, including Uttar Pradesh as well as many social and community development schemes

Sadhak Anshit created the Student and Youth Welfare Association organization even though he had kept the youth in his mind, but along with the time, he worked with the task of awakening this young class suffering from drug de-addiction in his organization, along with poor children. They also went to slum huts for education and also run single-school programs and also helped many promising poor children. By connecting the place with Shiva Yog Sansthan, in many provinces of this country, many programs of Yoga and Meditation have been performed and have been done continuously and by connecting the All human- being’s  with their ancient civilization to spread them on the path of truth and religion. Even doing the work from time to time and doing it in the present time also.


Challenges Faced By Youth


• Job :-
Youth unemployment in India is on rise. According to the World
Development Report 2013, 9% of males and 11% females aged
between 15 to 24 years are unemployed. Global financial crisis hit
youth first then adult. Young graduates suffer the most as far as
getting job is concerned.

• Violence in Schools
A child’s education is the foundation from which he or she will be
able to go forth out into the world and build a life. Schools play a
major role in this endeavour. In many instances, especially in low
income, urban settings, schools can be a war zone. Considering the
last decade data 284 kids were murdered due to school violence –
these were shootings, stabbings, fighting and suicides.

• Teenage pregnancy :-
In developed countries, teenage pregnancies are often
associated with social issues, including lower educational levels,
higher rates of poverty, and other poorer life outcomes in
children of teenage mothers.

• Gambling:-
Gambling problems in adolescents have often gone unnoticed as
they are difficult to measure and observe. Most adolescents
report having gambled for money, the lure of excitement,
entertainment and financial freedom accompanying gambling is
particularly attractive to youth.

• Single Parent Households
Today, 14 million single parents are responsible for 28 million
children. Economically, a single parent is likely to bring less
income home. This equates to fewer opportunities for
education. By the Absence of a parent’s guidance, children
become subject to higher dropout rates, higher risk of
dangerous sexual behaviours and pregnancies, higher chances
of drug and alcohol abuse –etc.


Youth movement…

Youth Movement – a political, religious, or social movement or agitation led by or consisting chiefly of youth or young people and usually
aiming at reform or revolution…

Objectives Of Youth Movement

•  Being An Indian First
•  Eradicating Corruption From Smaller To Higher Level
•  Encouraging Youths To Join Defense Services
•  Encouraging Youths To Join Politics
•  Stop Terrorism
•  Unity And Peace
•  No To Drugs
•  Respect The Woman
•  Save The Girl Child
•  No To Honor Killings
•  Helping The Needy
•  Harmony With Nature
•  Protecting Endangered Spices
•  Be Polite. Be Right


Objectives of Student And youth welfare Association

There are 2 objectives :-
1. It should take up those activities that contribute towards self expression,
personality development, character formation an citizenship ..

2. it should take up those activities that lead to organized action in the
service of the community & the nation
Youth welfare organizations…



>To foster and strengthening of social conscious
against social evils and lead the country in prosperity

>Creating material situation and
empowering them ,
along with their mental

>Equip them to find new opportunities

>to boost the pride and confidence , by shaping
them artistic culture and

>Personality and skill development and to be
self supportive

• Work specially for urban , rural and for trible area
The role of social worker

• As a Mediator
• As a Facilitator
• As a Initiator
• As a helper
• As a Coordinator


About Our Founder




Sadhak Anshit was born on August 15, 1985 in Kanpur city. He is a Yogi and a spiritual teacher. He is a true seeker who has questioned the basis of everything from his early childhood. His parents are Arun ji and Asha ji and he is married to Neha ji. His father was also a meditator. Sadhak Anshit is the eldest of his three brothers and sister. He is also the founder of a non-profit human services organization called ‘Student and Youth Welfare Association’ .
The organization teaches yoga and meditation methods in many states of India, including Uttar Pradesh. The organization also conducts many social and community development programs. Since childhood, Sadhak Anshit  was selfless and a true lover of nature. He is an astute observer and has a very close relationship with nature. Many a times, after keenly observing his natural breath, Sadhak Anshit went to deep meditative state and gained clarity and understanding of various dimensions and aspects of life.

In the early stages of his youth, he was elected from Kanpur University as the President of the Youth wing. He worked alongside the young students of the state and guided them and served as a beacon of light fostering their career and spiritual growth.

He gave the slogan of  “nasha mukti” and urged the youth to fight against the getting trapped into drug addiction. He carried out extensive campaign and changed the lives of many individuals by de-addicting them.


At the age of 24, he met Yoga guru Rishi Patri Ji, after which he got inclined towards yoga and meditation. He went through many spiritual experiences and his journey as a Yogi took a new dimension.

He got his Masters degree from the University of Kanpur, along with a degree of physical education as well as a degree of physical education Programme . He practiced the ancient meditation method Vipassana in its purest form. This sadhana helped him to explore the true inner self, as a result of which, he gave a new direction to his life.


Unknowingly, at the age of twenty-five, he had an intense self-realization,  which changed the direction of his life. In an ashram of Dehradun he was sitting in meditation while his mind reached the state of thoughtlessness and suddenly, he had an out of body experience. As time passed by and he got into deeper meditation, he had many divine and supernatural experiences.
With an aim of providing this experience and these meditation methods to every single person in the world, he started providing meditation classes.

According to him, every person should experience the ecstasy and bliss of meditation and free oneself from the sufferings of anger, greed, attachment and delusions of the physical world.


Three laws of meditation by Sadhak Anshit

First law: When we are with the normal, natural, simple, easy, soft, tender, shallow, tranquil, peaceful flow of the breath… the mind becomes empty.

Second law: When the mind is empty, huge amount of cosmic energy floods into the physical body.. into the physical-ness.

Third law: When sufficient amount of cosmic energy enters the physical body.. the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the third-eye.


The focus of Student and Youth Welfare Association (SAYWA) was to give a new direction to the Youth of the society. However, as time passed by, the horizon was broadened to include empowerment and uplifting of poor children by providing them free education.

By connecting  SAYWA with Shiva Yog Sansthan, many programs of Yoga and Meditation have been performed in various places of the country.  The aim is to bring back into daily lives, the old tradition of meditation which is all the more relevant in the present scenario. We have always been a land of seekers and the aim is to bring back that aspect in its effervescence.


He started the Shiva Yoga Center with to ensure that every person coming here should experience ones inner strength through yoga and meditation. This is a powerful place designed for one to explore the inner aspects and continue the journey through the four main paths of yoga – Knowledge (Gyan Yoga) , Action (Karma Yoga), Energy (Kriya Yoga)  and Devotion (Bhakti Yoga).


“His sole mission of creating intense awareness amongst all individuals … about the science of meditation … and its primary role in providing physical, mental and intellectual health and well-being to all”.

Sadhak Anshit is a dynamic personality and known worldwide as a meditation learner and teacher. He is sharing his experiences with youth of India. People from all walks of life are visiting him for their different problems.  Sadhak Anshit’s message to all humanity is  – “humans have a lot of potential, just this potentiality has to be realized within….a man can do anything and meditation is the key.”